FuryBSD 12.0-XFCE-11-06-2019-01 Released

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to update FuryBSD and are proud to say a new version of FuryBSD 12.0 has been released! We’ve pulled in some essential packages for XFCE to create a better out of box experience and have included a slew of new fixes to streamline installs and provide better performance. We’ve also added experimental support for KDE and Gnome. For more information check out the release notes below or click here to download the latest .iso image from GitHub.

Fixes and Improvements From Last Image:

  • Fixed bug in the previous image that prevented restore from saving live session changes
  • Added ports for wallpapers, xfce-settings
  • Enabled FuryBSD wallpaper for live sessions and every new user
  • Added missing Nvidia xorg.conf sample mentioned in Getting Started.txt

Note different editions KDE, Gnome will each have alternate artwork.

Fixes and Improvements From original 12.0 images:

  • Switched to UnionFS for full read write support so packages can now be installed during live session.
  • Disabled clear_tmp service to prevent 20MB /tmp, and /var filesystem which is too small.
  • Tuned ZFS arc max to 40MB during live session only to prevent install from running system out of memory.
  • Dump & Restore now enables changes made in LiveCD to persist after install.
  • Switched to LightDM GTK greeter for XFCE image to save a small fraction of space.
  • Added dialog to warn users to add themselves to wheel group during install.
  • Added experimental support for Gnome + KDE to the build system but more work needed before images can be published.
  • Added essential packages such as xauth, xinit to common area for all images.
  • Added dsbdriverd from NomadBSD project to common area for all images. This will load modules for detected hardware as defined in it’s database such as wifi.
  • Added essential packages to XFCE for printscreen, lock screen, screensaver.
  • Updated and improved desktop readme now called “Getting Started.txt” with more examples.
  • Added desktop shortcut to bsdconfig.

Known issues:

  • Possibly setting hostname in bsdconfig hangs the ISO (don’t do this for now, do it in the installer)
  • A community member reported the fact that drm-next packages are not working with 12.1-RELEASE quarterly packages yet until the FreeBSD project addresses this. For now, 12.0 images will continue to be the default until sometime early 2020.

FuryBSD Video Overview at KnoxBUG

Joe Maloney unveiled his newest creation, FuryBSD, at the October KnoxBUG MeetUp. Joe talks about how FuryBSD is based on FreeBSD and takes a no-nonsense approach to create a FreeBSD Desktop experience that works out of the box.

Although FuryBSD may resemble past graphical BSD projects like PC-BSD and TrueOS, FuryBSD is created by a different team and takes a different approach focusing on tight integration with FreeBSD. This keeps overhead low and maintains compatibility with upstream. This means we rely on the FreeBSD tools to perform essential system functions like installing and updating the system. To learn more about our team’s ethos, read our manifesto.

FuryBSD’s hybrid, live image can be burned to either a USB flash drive or a DVD, allowing you to test the operating system on your own hardware before committing to an installation. Click here to download FuryBSD and give the live image a spin.

It’s important to remember that FuryBSD is brand new and we’re looking for dedicated community members that want to help us build a tightknit FreeBSD desktop experience. We’ll be spinning up forums in the near future and encourage you to join the discussion in our Telegram channel to help contribute. Don’t forget to watch our blog for new developments as this project is “furiously” coming together.