New FuryBSD 12.1 based images are available for XFCE, and KDE

This new release is now based on FreeBSD 12.1 with the latest FreeBSD quarterly packages. This brings XFCE up to 4.14, and KDE up to 5.17. In addition to updates this new ISO mostly addresses community bugs, community enhancement requests, and community pull requests. Due to the overwhelming amount of reports with GitHub hosting all new releases are now being pushed to SourceForge only for the time being. Previous releases will still be kept for archive purposes.


  • Cleanup leftover union dir after install to disk (Cleanup)
  • Make sure furybsd-xorg-tool installs the right version for nvidia-driver-390 enhancement (Bugfix)
  • Add nvidia-driver (latest) category to fury-xorg-tool enhancement (Enhancement)
  • Restore beastie menu and default timeout on live media enhancement (Request came in from the forum in the form of confusion due lack of single user mode and other options)
  • Add updating documentation (Enhancement)
  • Update packages on ISO to FreeBSD quarterly branch branches/2020Q1 (Latest quarterly packages same as FreeBSD)
  • Make root mount read write on live image (Cleanup)
  • Update ISO to 12.1 (Latest FreeBSD 12.1-p2)
  • Use dsbdriverd package from quarterly repos (Cleanup, now that authors fixes are in we no longer need custom port)
  • Add xkbmap to common packages (Community PR)
  • Disable console beep enhancement (Request came from Telegram, and everyone agreed no one likes the beeps)
  • XFCE missing volume mixer and some other plugins enhancement (Request came from GitHub)
  • Request for feature: add FreeBSD patchsets to ISO enhancement (This is how we are now able to provide 12.1-p2 on the ISO instead of 12.1-RELEASE, now you no longer have to run freebsd-update after installing)

See SourceForge for downloads:
Existing users should see the updating section of the FuryBSD handbook to upgrade the underlying FreeBSD OS and it’s packages:

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  1. Hey guys, I tested FuryBSD in live mode and I like it but I can’t install it in my pc because it has others OSes I won’t lose them. Can you please add an option to install FuryBSD alongside with other OSes like Windows and Linux? Thanks

    • follow the link that amr said,

      but bsd really always wants to have it’s own whole disk

      so either: make a new volume that bsd will think is a whole disk


      install bsd first and then put the os’ on the disk

  2. Unfortunately it is not possible to install it in a VB to check it. Must have login terms, what is nowhere discribed:

  3. When will FuryBSD fully union all of RAM with the Live File System of FuryBSD? For Linux based Live Systems Images all of RAM is union with the Live File System. Having FuryBSD fully union all of RAM with the Live File System would enable FuryBSD to be an exceptional alternative to Linux based Live Images.

    I for one would move my many systems using Live Lunix Images to FuryBSD/FreeBSD once the FuryBSD Live File System is fully union to RAM. When I learn how to customize FuryBSD for the unique needs more of my 24/7/365 systems stuck with Linux will move to FuryBSD/FreeBSD.

    My primary system I use every day is running FreeBSD.

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