FuryBSD Video Overview at KnoxBUG

Joe Maloney unveiled his newest creation, FuryBSD, at the October KnoxBUG MeetUp. Joe talks about how FuryBSD is based on FreeBSD and takes a no-nonsense approach to create a FreeBSD Desktop experience that works out of the box.

Although FuryBSD may resemble past graphical BSD projects like PC-BSD and TrueOS, FuryBSD is created by a different team and takes a different approach focusing on tight integration with FreeBSD. This keeps overhead low and maintains compatibility with upstream. This means we rely on the FreeBSD tools to perform essential system functions like installing and updating the system. To learn more about our team’s ethos, read our manifesto.

FuryBSD’s hybrid, live image can be burned to either a USB flash drive or a DVD, allowing you to test the operating system on your own hardware before committing to an installation. Click here to download FuryBSD and give the live image a spin.

It’s important to remember that FuryBSD is brand new and we’re looking for dedicated community members that want to help us build a tightknit FreeBSD desktop experience. We’ll be spinning up forums in the near future and encourage you to join the discussion in our Telegram channel to help contribute. Don’t forget to watch our blog for new developments as this project is “furiously” coming together.

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  1. Why don’t you just get involved in NomadBSD’s development (NomadBSD.org)? It’s already running fine for most people who tried it and you have a solid base to work on.
    Please don’t reinvent the wheel again.

  2. This is really cool. I’m really really liking the whole idea of this project. I have only one suggestion. At some point, will you all at least think on Lumina support as a desktop? If I remember correctly, Lumina was created with BSD in mind. I would love to see it sometime. I know the project is brand new pretty much and it’ll take time for it to mature and all but I figured I’d just suggest that. I like Lumina quite a bit.

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