Unleash the FURY!

FuryBSD preview screenshot showing the installer.

FuryBSD preview uploaded for testing.

See releases page for more details, or Download Now link above to get the image.

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  1. Just to think.

    Why do “BSD Desktops”, always have these horrible
    Devil and demon mascots?

    As long as there is no reasonable “BSD Desktop” variant,
    without these devils and demons mascots,
    I will not install a “BSD” variant!!!!!

    Why are always these senseless,
    Mascots, used in “BSD” variants,
    that keep a lot of people from using BSD?

    Whether you like it or not, the devil & Satan
    as well as his demons, stand for the absolute bad!!!!!
    There are many who would use BSD variants,
    but can’t and won’t do it that way,
    just because of this awful pseudo religious mascot!!!!!

    If you want to have many users then please start with it
    to improve them! I have been waiting longer for a
    BSD version without such mascots!

    Otherwise this is surely a great project!

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