Unleash the FURY!

FuryBSD preview screenshot showing the installer.

FuryBSD preview uploaded for testing.

See releases page for more details, or Download Now link above to get the image.

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  1. Just to think.

    Why do “BSD Desktops”, always have these horrible
    Devil and demon mascots?

    As long as there is no reasonable “BSD Desktop” variant,
    without these devils and demons mascots,
    I will not install a “BSD” variant!!!!!

    Why are always these senseless,
    Mascots, used in “BSD” variants,
    that keep a lot of people from using BSD?

    Whether you like it or not, the devil & Satan
    as well as his demons, stand for the absolute bad!!!!!
    There are many who would use BSD variants,
    but can’t and won’t do it that way,
    just because of this awful pseudo religious mascot!!!!!

    If you want to have many users then please start with it
    to improve them! I have been waiting longer for a
    BSD version without such mascots!

    Otherwise this is surely a great project!

  2. @Namename human

    1. Regarding your stance “the devil & Satan as well as his demons, stand for the absolute bad” :
    This is certainly true in forms of christianity that have been highly corrupted by ancient paganism, which were teaming with nice and naughty demons. Devil and demons are never mentioned in the canonic Gospels and Jesus christ never spoke about them, to begin with. The oldest mention of demons in christian-related literature is more than a century after Christ’s death, at a time when first christian extremists assimilated anything not christian with badness. This first corruption has pervaded orthodoxism, then its offspring catholicism, then most of this latter’s offspring (protestantisms among them) to the point there are lots of bigots (in the primitive French meaning : supertitious sanctimonious people ignorant of the Gospels’ message, fake christians) out there that cannot even see that the notion of Devil and demons would only implies a blasphemy (that there are supernatural creatures fighting God).
    Instead of relaying endlessly thoise basphems that are used by unscrupulous priests and preachers to sustain their social influence, these bigots should just read the Gospels themselves and understand its meaning by themselves. Please, do not fall in their own wrongness.

    2. BSD uses demons as mascots because Unix and Unix derived systems carry on a tradition of calling system services DAEMONs (see : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daemon_(computing)#Etymology), refering to a similar use by scientist Maxwell. I think these uses are certainly as much of a reference to ancients’ good demons as a form of mocking any religious bigots who give credits to the existence of demons (often used also to explain what’s going wrong in the World, instead of analysing how it’s just the consequences of either plain physical laws or human intentions and behaviours).
    As a christian born in a family where those who believed in demons where the same self-righteous bigots that spent their time criticising everyone else while behaving the most nastily, so certain they were that they were morally superior, i like this irony.

  3. Out of religious meanings. The devil means the dasafio to the established order. It is in defiance of the established order that the wall of immovable ideas is pushed back and advances in any area of ​​life. In my opinion, the devil is a symbol of rebellion and of a counterpower to traditions focused solely on economic gain or on wanting to tie the user in some way philosophical principles.

  4. To the caricature-fearing individual’s previous post:
    “The BSD Daemon is named after software daemons, a class of long-running computer programs in Unix-like operating systems, which through a play on words takes the cartoon shape of a demon.”
    Or in other words, it is just a bit of satire that predominantly pokes fun at some bronze-age mythological-nonsense pseudo “beliefs”. Had the BSD operating system & its daemons shown up a couple thousand years ago, the mascot would likely have looked like Zeus or perhaps emperor Nero… as some hysterical proponents middle-eastern barbarity would likely have insisted, when the desperate descendants of Abraham foisted their long-lasting scourge upon mankind.
    Also, forget not, that the form so often attributed to a “demon” as proscribed by current monotheistic sects, is villainously plagiarized from either Pan or Faunus (Greek, Roman mythologies respectively) by those claiming to be truthful and infallible.

  5. I came to BSD FOR the Demons and Devils. Sounds to me like you weren’t going to install BSD in the first place so why should they change tradition for you? If you’d avoid a distro for something that trivial, may I suggest Ubuntu Christian Edition.

    Hail BSD! Hail Satan!

  6. Noname human, please tell us you were trying to be ironic or something. Maybe we lack a sense of humour…

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