FuryBSD 2020-Q3 The world’s first OpenZFS based live image

FuryBSD is a tool to test drive stock FreeBSD desktop images in read write mode to see if it will work for you before installing.  In order to provide the most reliable experience possible while preserving the integrity of the system the LiveCD now leverages ZFS, compression, replication, a memory file system, and reroot (pivot root).

13.0 coming next year will build on this by allowing further enhancements to this solution with the added ztd compression support.  Work is also underway with the GhostBSD development team to see if this new methodology is a good fit for that project, and can be integrated.

ISO’s can be downloaded at SourceForge

Changes since 2020-Q2

  • 12.1-RELEASE-p9
  • Xorg 1.20.8_3,1
  • Nvidia-driver-440.100
  • Drm-fbsd12.0-kmod-4.16.g20200221
  • XFCE 4.14
  • Firefox 79.0,1
  • Added check for 4GB minimum system memory to boot image
  • Replaced UnionFS with compressed ZFS memdisk
  • Added VMSVGA support for VirtualBox 6
  • Replaced poudirere-image with bsdinstall to fix freebsd-update issues after image assembly
  • Removed problematic XFCE screensaver and power settings
  • Improved support for touchscreen and trackpads

Known issues

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